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“CARDWELL” has been known for its continous innovation in the textile related Applications

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Fabric Processing Machines
Spinning Accessories
Tubular / Openwidth Fabric Inspection Machine
Input Zone: Roll or Fold form:
Roll Form:
Conveyor type unwinding with pneumatically operated tilting arrangement to enable easy loading of fabrics in roll form from 150 Kgs to 250 Kgs. This method of unwinding is more suitable for rolls of higher weight as during the unwinding process it does not create any wrinkles. (or)

Power Drive De-Rolling Cradle with pneumatically operated raising and lowering cradle to accommodate fabric rolls of lesser weights and also facilitate tension free un-winding.
Fold Form:
Stainless Steel Sheet platform of required width placed at a specific height from the floor level. Fabric Roll End Stop sensor for joining the next roll.
Inspection Zone:
Pneumatically adjustable angle
Illuminated inspection table
Fluorescent Lamps - 2 rows in the top & 3 rows in the bottom
UV lamp
Digital Length Counter - with A C Drive Geared Motor
Output Zone: Roll (or) Fold Form
Roll Form:
Photo sensor detects fabric edges and activates gear motor to shift batch rollers for alignment, thereby offering straight edged package.
The Batching rollers can be located in the front (or) behind the operator, as per individual requirement.
Fabric directly wound on a paper (or) plastic tube
Various ratios on batching rolls maintain the cloth roll hardness
Anti curling mechanism
AC drive system to synchronize the speed between inspection table and de-rolling device for uniform fabric tension control.
Scroll roller spreads the fabric without crease marks
Fold Form :
Oscillating Folding arrangement