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“CARDWELL” has been known for its continous innovation in the textile related Applications

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Simplex Frame
Pad clearer suitable for LF1400 A/ LF 1400 / LR GS / Text tool TS 15 & Jeets Simplex Frames
For simplex frames , cardwell has introduced the pad clearer's for the Front, third and Fourth bottom fluted rollers in case of four roller drafting and front & Third bottom fluted in case of three roller drafting. Pad clearer effectively replaces the bottom clearer rollers / bottom Positive clearer's, there by eliminating higher initial investment / recurring maintenance cost.
Advantages :
No mechanical movement and hence maintenance free.
Reduce cost of clearer cloth replacement.
No comb setting and replacement.
Paul & Ratchet problem eliminated.
Specially designed rubber pads are cost effective.This can be used 4 times and has a long working life.
Rubber pads clean inside of the flutes, which is not there with a clearer cloth.
Lapping problem completely arrested.