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“CARDWELL” has been known for its continous innovation in the textile related Applications

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a) Magnetic Clearer Rollers for front bottom fluted rollers - yet another futuristic product from cardwell.
The overseas buyers are very stringent on quality parameters. To meet the quality standards and compete effectively , the exporting mills have to incorporate such devices, which adds to their product quality.
Advantages :
The Magnetic Clearer Roller sticks to the front bottom fluted rollers and revolves along with the fluted roller.
The flocks in the magnetic clearer roller perform like a brush and clean the flutes while in motion.
Continuous cleaning of flutes and hence no accumulation of short fibers and subsequent lapping.
End breakage caused by lapping is thus prevented.
Improved yarn quality.
Prevents bending of fluted roller due to excessive lapping.
b) PAD CLEARER for Bottom Fluted rollers
Presently wooden clearer rollers do not arrest the rollers lapping effectively. In this system, only the top surface of the fluted rollers are cleaned. Periodical supervision is essential to check the proper functioning of rollers as otherwise lapping results. This problem is totally eliminated with our pad clearer, which cleans inside of the flutes thoroughly. For this reason almost all the mills in far east have switched over to pad clearers on their ring frame.
Advantages :
Simple system with maintenance free performance.
Total prevention of fluted roller lapping.
Specially designed rubber pads can perform effectively for two years withouts replacement.
Replacement cost of clearer rollers drastically reduced.
c) Common Pneumafil Suction Tubes : For Ring frame such as LR G 5/1 / lR 6 / KTTM / ELITE
It is often observed that in LR G 5/1 Ring frame the suction pressure is higher at off end and lower at gear end, resulting in pressure variation within frame. Lapping tendency increases as the suction pressure reduces. This is mainly due to individual suction tubes in the Ring Frame. This when replaced with our Common Pneumafil suction tubes results in the following benefits.
Advantages :
Increases suction pressure considerably.
Pressure variation between gear end and off end is drastically reduced.
Possibility of altering suction fan blade diameter resulting in substantial energy saving - this conversion on modern Ring frame such as "ELITE" has resulted in energy saving due to increase in suction pressure.
Facilitates the fitment of magnetic clearer roller for the front bottom fluted roller which is not possible when the ring frame is fitted with individual suction tubes.